NJ Philippine Solidarity Committee Newsletter, Issue 1


The Philippine Solidarity Week is a week of events that commemorates the Philippine-American War that raises awareness and support for the continuing struggle of the Filipino People for national liberation. The Philippine-American War began on February 4th 1899 and was one of the first imperialist wars waged by the United States where an estimated 1 million Filipinos perished. Many methods of torture were tested and established the Philippines as a geo-political launching pad in the Asia-Pacific that continues today. Phil Sol Week was launched by BAYAN USA to build solidarity between Filipinos and non-Filipinos abroad to support the struggle for national liberation and true independence in the Philippines.


Lumad youth in Compostela Valley, Mindanao — indigenous dance for a solidarity performance


Statements of Solidarity

Pax Christi New Jersey supports Anakbayan NJ during and its efforts during Philippine Solidarity week. It is time that Americans understand the history of US military aggression against the Filipino people that began with the Fil-Am war and our continued opression with the pivot to Asia and the re-establishment of military bases. We believe that achieving a just, peaceful and sustainable world is achieved through disarmament and demilitarization not threat of force.


Jersey City Peace Movement, (JCPM), a peace, justice and anti-war organization which also does continued outreach and advocacy for the needy and homeless populations in Hudson County, NJ since 2004, supports the peaceful and educational efforts of Anakbayan NJ, BAYAN, and all sincere Filipino activists concerning PHILIPPINE SOLIDARITY WEEK! Solidarity from JCPM!

The Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War expresses our solidarity with the people of the Philippines and their continued struggle against U.S. imperialism. We oppose the U.S. military and economic wars imposed on our brothers and sisters around the world and we support Philippine Solidarity Week.

The Newark Student Action Collective stands in solidarity with our friends in Anakbayan and the Philippines National Democratic Movement. As students at Rutgers University – Newark we recognize that our education was created at the expense of the Newark community. The University Medical School where our students study for the medical field was created by tearing down the homes of thousands and was a large part of what triggered the economic downturn that Newark has seen ever since. Today Rutgers University – Newark is purchasing more and more property in the area that will inevitably lead to gentrification of the surrounding community. The Newark Student Action Collective seeks to bridge the gaps in student and community organizing and hopes to be a part of the solution to these problems. Similarly as American Imperialism ravages the world it’s the responsibility of the students of the most diverse campus in America to stand with the Filipino people as they fight for independence, democracy and socialism.


People’s Organization for Progress sends greetings for Philippine Solidarity Week 2016! This week is a commemoration of the freedom fighters in the Philippine-American War, and a continuation of the struggle for freedom and real democracy in the Philippines. This is a shared struggle against slavery, genocide, racism, and colonialism. That this week coincides with the commemorations of U.S. Black Heritage Month shows the need to acknowledge each other’s struggles around the globe. As the labor movement slogan reminds us: “An injury to one is an injury to all.”

The threat of the Trans Pacific Partnership is a threat to those living and working on all sides of the Pacific: poverty wages, unemployment, human trafficking, slavery conditions, militarism, and unequal trade are the dangers we face, and we should face them together. We share in this long fight: the enslavement of Africans, the genocide against Indigenous peoples, the present-day police brutality against both peoples, the ongoing colonialism of Puerto Rico bankrupted by the U.S., and the neo-colonialism against the Philippines.

We salute the Philippine Solidarity Committee – NJ for keeping this legacy! We remain in struggle together! Long Live International Solidarity! Power to the People!

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Last year’s Philippine Solidarity event with Food & Water Watch! This year’s event, “From NJ to the Philippines: Struggle for Climate Justice” will be on Thursday, February 11 in Jersey City.

Film Crafting Collaborative stands in solidarity & empathy with the People of the Philippines. This allegiance, in particular, encompasses and focuses on the emerging Youth Movements that hold the the key (and provide the energy) to change the century-long Philippine colonial debacle. Future prosperity and the breaking-away from foreign interference is in their able hands.

In unison, we denounce Colonialism as a degenerative symptom of Imperialism. These policies, practices and mindset run counter to the pursuit of harmony, goodwill and true development in our world. The present global situation demonstrates clearly that greed and exclusion can only serve to diminish us all. May we coalesce as One toward a Better World. “En la union esta la fuerza!”


Anakbayan NJ members at the ICE FREE NYC action where activists shut down an intersection outside the Varick Street Immigration Court in Manhattan.

The NJ State Industrial Union stands in solidarity with Anakbayan NJ and supports Philippine Solidarity Week. We strongly support self-determination and the end of US imperialism. US militarism has destroyed so many countries around the globe and has especially harmed the people of the Philippines, not to mention the enormous damage done to the environment of your country. We call for an end to US militarism, and for a more humane foreign (as well as domestic) policy that supports human need, not corporate greed. Continue reading