SOOBAK in Solidarity with the National Democratic Movement of the Philippines

*Gonji Lee, Co-Founder/Member of SOOBAK

"More than a century ago, the Philippine American War began the US occupation of the Philippines. Although ostensibly the Philippines are an independent nation, the American military presence continues to this day, undermining the interests and sovereignty of the Filipino people. As part of the Korean diaspora, I am familiar with the human violence, economic exploitation, and environmental damage that the US military causes abroad. The Filipino and Korean people are all too familiar with the toll of American occupation, which has caused more suffering than it has prevented in their countries. I commend BAYAN USA for ten years of tireless organizing in the US, of continuing the fight for true Filipino sovereignty and the complete exit of the American military from the Philippines". — Abe Ahn, Member of SOOBAK

Video Solidarity Message – Patty Ahn, Member of SOOBAK


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