International Action Center in Solidarity with BAYAN USA

The International Action Center sends comradely congratulations to help honor the proud and historic role played by BAYAN-USA on its 10th Anniversary. Revolutionaries, anti-imperialists, anti-capitalists and all fighting for social justice in the direction of progress, empowerment and the self determination of working and poor people’s the world over are nothing if not inspired by the courageous, principled and, at the same time, warm, inclusive and unifying character of BAYAN-USA and its member organizations. In your work to liberate the Philippines from especially U.S. imperialism, from within the belly of the beast, you have also skillfully weaved and helped progress the struggles of working and poor people in the U.S., including the fight against racism and sexism, police brutality, wage theft and the denial of worker’s rights, human trafficking, LGBTQ oppression and many more. We thank you for being an indispensable ally in the fight against U.S. imperialism worldwide.

Happy Anniversary BAYAN-USA!!!

John Parker, West Coast Coordinator – International Action Center


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