SOOBAK in Solidarity with the National Democratic Movement of the Philippines

*Gonji Lee, Co-Founder/Member of SOOBAK

"More than a century ago, the Philippine American War began the US occupation of the Philippines. Although ostensibly the Philippines are an independent nation, the American military presence continues to this day, undermining the interests and sovereignty of the Filipino people. As part of the Korean diaspora, I am familiar with the human violence, economic exploitation, and environmental damage that the US military causes abroad. The Filipino and Korean people are all too familiar with the toll of American occupation, which has caused more suffering than it has prevented in their countries. I commend BAYAN USA for ten years of tireless organizing in the US, of continuing the fight for true Filipino sovereignty and the complete exit of the American military from the Philippines". — Abe Ahn, Member of SOOBAK

Video Solidarity Message – Patty Ahn, Member of SOOBAK


International Action Center in Solidarity with BAYAN USA

The International Action Center sends comradely congratulations to help honor the proud and historic role played by BAYAN-USA on its 10th Anniversary. Revolutionaries, anti-imperialists, anti-capitalists and all fighting for social justice in the direction of progress, empowerment and the self determination of working and poor people’s the world over are nothing if not inspired by the courageous, principled and, at the same time, warm, inclusive and unifying character of BAYAN-USA and its member organizations. In your work to liberate the Philippines from especially U.S. imperialism, from within the belly of the beast, you have also skillfully weaved and helped progress the struggles of working and poor people in the U.S., including the fight against racism and sexism, police brutality, wage theft and the denial of worker’s rights, human trafficking, LGBTQ oppression and many more. We thank you for being an indispensable ally in the fight against U.S. imperialism worldwide.

Happy Anniversary BAYAN-USA!!!

John Parker, West Coast Coordinator – International Action Center

#PhilSolidarity 2015 – Begins 2/1!

Philippine Solidarity Week is a week of activities beginning on February 4 to commemorate the Philippine-American War and to raise awareness and support for the continuing struggle of the Filipino people for national liberation. It is led by Bagong Alyansang Makabayan-USA or BAYAN-USA.

Since 1899, U.S. troops have maintained their presence in the Philippines through permanent military and naval bases and through military agreements and treaties that undermines Philippine sovereignty. These military bases have served as launching pads for U.S. Imperialist aggression in Asia. With the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPPA) and the Joint Force 2020 ventures, U.S. troops will continue imperialist aggression in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in the Philippines.

There are a number of ways individuals and organizations can participate:

Call for Endorsement
We are calling on all progressive organizations, peace and anti-war activists to launch solidarity actions in support of the continuing struggle of the Filipino people for genuine independence.

As an organization against militarism, war, and imperialism we ask you to join us in solidarity. Being an endorser can be any of the following:

* Solidarity Statement/Video
* Take a photo with the picture below or write your own message
* Co-Host or Host an event with a BAYAN org

Collected statements, pictures, and videos can be sent to

Social Media Campaign
Take a photo and post on facebook/instagram/twitter/etc. with one of the attached signs saying:
Advance the National Democratic Movement of the Philippines!
I stand in solidarity with the National Democratic Movement of the Philippines
Tag with #PhilSolidarity or email to and upload between Feb 1 – 10

Attend Events

Sunday, February 1st 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Educational Discussion: Youth on the March
Hosted by Anakbayan New Jersey and New Jersey Youth for Immigrant Liberation
Location – Social Justice House, 125 Glenwood Avenue, Jersey City, NJ

Wednesday, February 4th 7:00 PM
Potluck and Film Screening/Discussion of Sa Ngalan Ng Tubo and Mindanao: The Land of Promise?
Hosted by Food and Water Watch and Slow Food Rutgers
Location – George Street Co-Op (89 Morris Street, New Brunswick, NJ)

Friday, February 6th 6:00 PM
Film Screening and Discussion of "Modern Heroes Modern Slaves"
Hosted by Anakbayan New Jersey and AFSC immigrant Rights Program
Location – 89 Market Street, 4th Floor Newark, NJ

Sunday, February 8th 2:00 PM
Pinay HERstories: Migration to Liberation
Hosted by GABRIELA New York
Location – YaYa Network 224 West 29th Street, 14th Floor, New York, NY

Wednesday, February 11th 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Educational Discussion: From Fagen to Ferguson: International Solidarity Against Torture & Extrajudicial Killings
Hosted by New York Community for Human Rights in the Philippines
Location – Amnesty International, 5 Penn Plaza, 16th Floor, New York, NY

Petition Campaign
Justice for Jennifer Laude Online Petition

On behalf of the ND Movement organizers, thank you for your continued support!

In solidarity,
BAYAN USA Northeast Council