Statement from NJ Youth United Against War and Imperialism

In solidarity with Filipino youth and in hopes of developing an organizational sisterhood with Anakbayan youth organization, NJ Youth United Against War and Imperialism condemns recent US decisions to increase the number of US troops in the Philippines. We demand the immediate withdrawal of US troops and an end to the interference of imperialism in the internal affairs of the Philippines.

The history of US imperialism in the Philippines is shameful. The struggle of Filipinos to free from the shackles of imperialism is an example to all who look to forge a better future for ourselves, our nations and for the world.

In NJ, Anakbayan has been at the forefront of many struggles, including opposition to war and imperialism, support for public education, workers rights, immigrant rights and struggles opposing tuition hikes and other austerity measures. These are all concerns of our organization and we hope that as our struggles develop, our efforts can better be merged into a unified movement.

We look forward to opportunities to work with Anakbayan around educational events specifically about the Philippines and about more general topics of imperialism and in the organizing of actions to unify youth and working people for changes to a system that depends of these forms of super exploitation.

Robert Colby-Witanek, co-founder NJ Youth United Against War and Imperialism


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