Sisa Pakari Statement against the Sending of US Troops to the Philippines

The Sisa Pakari Cultural and Labor Center condemns the recent announcement that the US government and that of the Philippines are holding conversations which would allow the US military to station thousands of troops in the Philippines.

In 1898 the US invaded the Philippines, Guam, Cuba and Puerto Rico. The 20th Century was thus greeted by a violent expression of US expansionism. However, after decades of struggle, some 20 years ago, the people of the Philippines kicked out US military bases from their country. The recent information points out the intention of the US to once again submit the people of the Philippines to DIRECT MILITARY OCCUPATION.

The excuse given by the US government and some in the government of Philippine president Aquino is the military threat supposedly posed by China. But the people of the world are not naïve and recognize who the real expansionist, military threat is! This military occupation has the intention of stopping the ever-growing people’s movement against the takeover of Philippine lands and natural resources by US and other multi-national corporations.

The US military was forced to abandon their military base in Manta, Ecuador, they were forced to leave the Puerto Rican island of Vieques, and have been forced out of other countries. But those victories have been the results of long campaigns originating from the desire for peace by the masses of people. We are certain that united actions by all sectors in the US and abroad who are opposed to militarism and wars of aggression will succeed in preventing this military build-up/occupation. For that we must create a strong united front which mobilizes thousands into the streets demanding “NO US TROOPS TO THE PHILIPPINES!”


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